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Virtual Yoga studio for folks with disabilities, and everybody else. 

Allihopa is my favorite Swedish word and it has several meanings; “everybody, all people, altogether, with each other, with one another”, and that’s is the core value of our project; to make Yoga accessible for everyone, for everybody, all together, with one another. 


Allihopa Accessible & Adaptive yoga aims to teach you how to be in whatever body you have. To find comfort in your own body and mind.


Creating variations of Asanas (yoga poses) customized especially for us, in wheelchairs, we make the practice accessible to anyone, no matter their shape, mobility, weight, and energy level. This makes it perfect for people living with physical disabilities.

By adding yoga into their rehabilitation, patients can improve both their physical and mental well-being after spinal cord injury. Yoga is a non-pharmacologic and cost-effective intervention with minimal risk of side effects. 

Yoga is also form of self-care, If you live more deeply in your body, in all its grace and all its flaws, you become more compassionate towards life, and we believe that the essence of yoga is the ability to remember and reconnect with ourselves. Not just a physical practice, Yoga is an excellent support system for western medicine, physical therapy, recovery from trauma, depression, anxiety, disability, and should be accessible to everyone, it should not be a privilege.

Allihopa is a virtual yoga studio for folks with disabilities, but why virtually?

Because is more accessible! 

If you use the wheelchair to get around, like in my case and my students, for example, you rely a lot on accessibility. not only structural accessibility such as an accessible yoga studio with ramps, elevators, wheelchair friendly bathrooms, and so on but also in attitudinal accessibility, the one where you can find a teacher/facilitator who is prepared and trained to work with diverse students and will use the correct language and approach while working with them. 


Lastly comes the financial accessibility factor, as many disabled students live of benefits and cannot afford a yoga class, we will make sure that everyone is included, no one will be left out. 


Allihopa Yoga will provide free-of-charge classes and scholarships for all disabled students in need and with that in mind, we created a Patreon Membership Page so anyone with a high disposable income and financial privilege can support our project and our students. 

The classes are down-to-earth, accessible, and deeply nourishing, focusing on useful ways to move and breathe. A typical class will include body awareness, breathing techniques, preparing the joints, mindful slow flowing movements & postures, meditation, and relaxation. 


Classes are designed for folks with disabilities and folks who take themselves around in a wheelchair, but everyone is welcome! 


If you are looking for a gentle and meditative Accessible Chair Yoga Class, this may be for you too.

Join Us :-)


Rodrigo is a fantastic teacher - I've been attending his classes for a few months now and I always feel better afterward. He always takes time to have a chat before and after, to see how you are, adapt if needed, and ensure there's a relaxed and warm atmosphere. I particularly enjoy the gratitude meditations he leads every time, they're particularly helpful and a great link with yogic philosophy. All in all, it's a highlight of my week.

Audrey Lejeune

I think that adaptive yoga is very important from an inclusive perspective and Rodrigo understands that fully. He is always very keen on getting to know his students so he can make the classes even more adaptive, It makes you feel at ease and comfortable when he is teaching.

Lukas Karlsson

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Wheelchair user practicing Accessible Yoga
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"Yoga doesn’t choose favorites, it doesn’t choose one body over others. Yoga happens everywhere." 
 Matthew Sanford 

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